Video: Timeless - London Timelapse

Dean Nicholas
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Last Updated 16 May 2012

Video: Timeless - London Timelapse

This video isn't new — it was uploaded to Vimeo seven months ago — but it's definitely worth four minutes of your time. London's many shapes and contours are captured in a beautifully shot film that combines timelapse photography, tilt / shift (that trendy lens trick that makes buildings look like models) and slow-motion cinematography. The soundtrack is by Rael Jones, who also wrote music for the recent Sherlock TV series; in fact the film bears some resemblance to that show's credit sequence, which is no bad thing.

According to the filmmakers, their intention was to "capture the spirit and endless energy of London". Job done.

Many thanks to Paul Southwood for posting this to our Facebook page.

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