This Weekend: Craft Jam @ Things British In Kingly Court

By Zoe Craig Last edited 92 months ago
This Weekend: Craft Jam @ Things British In Kingly Court

If you’re into craft, head down to Kingly Court this weekend for a real crafty treat.

Things British, a gorgeous gift shop of handcrafted designer loveliness is hosting a two-day jamboree of creative and crafty stalls and giveaways, called Craft Jam.

Craft Jam runs from 11am on Friday to 7pm on Saturday throughout Kingly Court, the funky multi-floor emporium off Carnaby Street. Look out for handmade British designer goods, surprise giveaways and a Squeeky Doodle competition on the first floor.

There are other Kingly Court shops taking part: All The Fun of the Fair and Atelier Millinery. British designers and craftmakers getting in on the act include Gillian Arnold Design Ltd, Dot your T's and cross your I's, Hatski of London, Miwary, Bella Candles, Knitaboo, Onz@Home, and Katie Essam.

Craft Jam runs from 4-5 May, between 11am-7pm in Kingly Court, Off Carnaby Street, London, W1B 5PW. Visit to find out more.

Last Updated 03 May 2012