Club Watch: Margaret Dygas, Pachanga Boys, Juan Atkins @ Fabric

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Club Watch: Margaret Dygas, Pachanga Boys, Juan Atkins @ Fabric

If you’re reading Club Watch then you probably don't need to be told that there’s a place called Fabric, and that it’s kind of a big deal. But with the club pulling out all the stops this Saturday, we felt the London institution deserved some words.

Margaret Dygas has been a feature on the club scene in London for many years and is no stranger to Fabric's hallowed halls. While in real life she leads a nomadic existence, she has found her musical home on Berlin's Perlon — the label so instrumental in developing techno's minimalist period. While there are echoes of Ricardo Villalobos in her work, Margaret's tracks are not merely exercises in reduction but filled with unique melodic elements and constantly shifting textures. While minimal has faded from popular discourse in recent years, Margaret Dygas' excellent releases are a constant reminder of the rewards in less over more.

Pachanga Boys is the latest collaboration between Komapkt mainstay Superpitcher and Mexican musician Rebolledo. They describe themselves as "two young boys who felt they had something simple and beautiful to say." A noble goal, and one perfectly realized on their small trickle of vinyl releases. Their latest track "Time" is truly an anthem in waiting — structured round a Sufjan Stevens drone sample it builds over 15 euphoric minutes, emerging triumphant at a place where it's always 6AM and all your friends are there. We were lucky enough to hear it played at a beach party in Mexico — there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Such is the scale of delights on offer that we're only writing about Juan Atkins three paragrahs in! Juan is popularly thought of as THE creator of techno. Born and raised in Detroit, thanks to a run of records under the monikers Cybotron and Model 500, this man more than any other is responsible for the genre's birth and development. Not only were tracks like "No Ufos" and "Clear" the first they are also some of the best — epic techno bangers that still wreck dancefloors week-in-week-out the world over. And this ain't no nostalgia act neither, Juan is still actively recording and releasing great records - his Model 500 record "Control" from earlier this year is a timeless slice of techno futurism.

With Deep house don Delano Smith and San Proper to debut live some offerings from his new full length "Animal", fabric continues to show why it's the final word in the capital's clubland.

Margaret Dygas, Superpitcher & Rebolledo present The Pachanga Boys & Juan Atkins at fabric, EC1M 3HN, Saturday, 19th May. Tickets £18 in advance here.

Last Updated 18 May 2012