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Extra, Extra

Mayoral referrals

  • A new poll puts Boris and Ken neck and neck.
  • 2012 election posters, in a 1930's style.
  • Livingstone and Jones pull out of a BBC Mayoral debate over the inclusion of the BNP.
  • The BNP offer free weekend travel if elected, but don't say how they'd fund it.
  • A former Mayoral advisor says Boris ignored youth crime.
  • Boris has changed tack on fares — despite his manifesto committing to Retail Price Index +2% for the next four years, he now says he'll "bear down" on fares next year.
  • The RMT union is taking High Court action against Boris, claiming that the Mayor defamed Bob Crow.
  • Speaking of which, in last night's BBC Mayoral debate, Boris said he'd met with union leaders over the no-strike deal, but no such meeting has been reported to our knowledge. Did it ever happen?
  • Ken makes a speech assessing the state of the campaign.
  • Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson launched the Green jobs and employment manifesto in Hackney.
  • Boris spent the day celebrating St George's Day at Leadenhall Market, and apparently got 'knighted' by some pissed bloke.

Image by FredR in the Londonist Flickr stream.

Last Updated 23 April 2012