Emergence: New Sculpture For Hanover Square

By Zoe Craig Last edited 140 months ago
Emergence: New Sculpture For Hanover Square

If you're passing by Hanover Square this morning, you might deduce the weekend's rains have borne strange fruit.

A new, four-part bronze sculpture, called Emergence is now growing out of the park's grass. David Breuer-Weil's sculpture is craggy and rough, suggesting "the origins of Adam from the earth." The artist says,

"The 300-year-old square is an ideal place to install a sculpture that deals with themes of humanity, in this case the emergence of mankind from its origins. Emergence is about timeless, even primeval, themes of birth, evolution and the origins of man. The sculpture is in marked contrast to the ephemeral aspects of working life in London, reminding the viewer of something more basic and timeless."

Emergence will be in Hanover Square for six months from today, as part of the City of Westminster's City of Sculpture programme of temporary sculptural installations.

Last Updated 30 April 2012