Art Preview: Two Exhibitions @ Menier Gallery

Tabish Khan
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Art Preview: Two Exhibitions @ Menier Gallery

The Menier gallery on Southwark Street plays host to two short yet interesting and very different art exhibitions.


The Animals Asia Foundation is a charity aiming to raise awareness of animal cruelty. One of its major campaigns is to stop the farming of Asiatic black bears for their bile, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine. The Foundation says this process can "cause terrible physical and mental suffering" to the bears.

So it has commissioned two artists to create artworks featuring bears. The proceeds from the sale of theses pieces will  go towards its campaign.

Moonstruck is on display from 25-28 April.

United Society of Artists (UA)

The second exhibition comes from the UA, a group of artists who exhibit together and a society that has been going strong since 1921. This is their 91st annual exhibition and, as there are no restrictions on the type of artist who may join the UA, it promises to have a diversity of fresh artistic talents that's difficult to equal elsewhere.

The 91st Annual exhibition of the UA is on display from 17-21 April.

Both exhibitions will be on at the Menier gallery, 51 Southwark street, SE1 1RU.

Last Updated 16 April 2012