New Frae Shop Opens on Kings Road

By Zoe Craig Last edited 73 months ago
New Frae Shop Opens on Kings Road

Fans of frozen yoghurt are in luck. There’s a new Frae shop opening on the Kings Road on Thursday.

It’ll be located at No 130, next door to the Kings Road Fat Face, and near Penhaglion’s, the perfume shop.

Co-Founder Donald Murray says, “We’re excited (about) the new Chelsea shop; it is inspired by old dairy marketing and has a real wow factor. We’ve used zinc and stainless steel to add an honest vintage feel. We’ve also had fun with the new menus.”

These new menus include what Frae refer to as "Indulgent Treats". Prices start at £4.10 for snacks such as Salted Caramel (Natural Frae, almonds, caramel and a sprinkle of sea salt), Mochi Zen (Green Tea Frae, Mochi and mango) and Red Velvet (Strawberry Frae, blueberries and white chocolate chips). Nom.

And if you prefer to order off-menu, you can. Create your own by choosing your favourite Frae flavour (natural, green tea, chocolate or strawberry) and adding toppings; fruit or more fun things like mini Oreos, choc chips and brownies.

Frae is at 130 Kings Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 from 15 March. Set menu prices: small £4.10, medium £4.50, large £5.50. Create your own: small Natural Frae costs £2.80, with two toppings the cost is £4.10. Visit to find out more.

Last Updated 14 March 2012

Marcus Aurelius

 Is this an advert? What is the news value in hearing about a new frozen yoghurt shop? Will all new shops be announced here or just ones selling frozen yoghurt, cupcakes etc?

jonathan rowe

£4.10 for a small one, they're having a laugh. I'll stick to the cheaper ones at Itsu and Zen thanks very much.


horrible product - they say they are organic and they have been busted! Had to take down their organic signs. SHAME ON THEM  Would never give them my business