London's Lost Rivers: The Exhibition

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London's Lost Rivers: The Exhibition

There's something of a cottage industry springing up around London's buried rivers. Two recent books and numerous walking tours seek to follow their subterranean courses. Ben Aaronovitch even turned them into living, breathing characters in his Rivers of London novels. Now an exhibition of photographs at Maggs Bros treads similar damp territory.

A collection of distinctive photos by SF Said captures the Westbourne, Walbrook, Effra, and others. The photographer pulls some clever Polaroid tricks to give his subjects a murky, subaquatic hue. If you bought Tom Bolton's neat little guide to these watercourses, you'll already be familiar with Said's work.

The images will be shown alongside photos of 'uninhabited London' by Jon Savage, in something of a must-see double-header for urbanites.

From the Westbourne to the Wandle is at Maggs Bros, 50 Hays Mews, London W1J 5QJ, 22 March-19 April. Entrance is free.

Last Updated 21 March 2012