London Inventor Unveils "World's First Interactive Billboard"

Franco Milazzo
By Franco Milazzo Last edited 146 months ago

Last Updated 11 March 2012

London Inventor Unveils "World's First Interactive Billboard"

Wandsworth-based inventor Shed Simove this week revealed his latest project: "the world's first truly interactive billboard".

Ex-Channel 4 producer Simove is notorious for his stunts including creating his own currency (the Ego) and changing his name to God (and back). Last year,  he wrote a best-selling book which is almost completely blank and has been published as far afield as Mongolia.

Set up just off Tottenham Court Road, the billboard allows passersby to have pictures taken of themselves and the words "I LOVE YOU MUM" — something that could be handy ahead of next Sunday. As Simove says, “I wanted an original way to send my Mum a Mothers Day greeting — greeting cards and flowers are a bit old hat, but a billboard, now that's exciting! I quickly realised that I could design a billboard so that other people could interact with it as well and send their mothers a fun 'photo greeting' too”.

Those thinking that the man behind the Butt Plug, Clitoris Allsorts or The Flying Fuck has reached a new level of maturity may be disappointed: "My big dream though is to create a speech bubble that says 'NO ONE KNOWS I'M NOT WEARING ANY UNDERWEAR'..."


"Treat your life as one huge science experiment." Read our interview with Shed Simove here.

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