App Review: Street Art London

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App Review: Street Art London

The same people behind the popular street art tours of Shoreditch and the Street Art London blog have made the next logical step and put together an iPhone app of London's urban treasures.

The app embraces the Sisyphean task of indexing the capital's street art, an ever-changing farrago of stencils, paste-ups, sculptures and stickers. It's possible to filter by artist (each of whom has a biography on the app) and date, or simply browse around a map containing hundreds of pinpoints.

Street Art London is particularly useful for learning the styles of individual artists. Most people can spot a Banksy. Many can distinguish an Eine piece from a Roa animal. But could you identify one of the 16 listed pieces by C125 around London, or the five by Alice Pasquini? Ten minutes with the app will rekindle your enthusiasm for London's diverse decorations, as you discover unfamiliar artists and finally learn who's behind that mysterious mural at the end of your road.

Street Art London is part of the wider Geo Street Art Apps Project, mapping the talent in cities across the world. It's not comprehensive, and nor could it ever be. But the promise of regular updates and a chunky database to begin with make this a must-have app for anyone with an interest in the streets of London.

Street Art London is available now for iPhone for £2.99.

Last Updated 14 March 2012

Patrick in London

This is great.

Little London Observationist

Awesome :) Will be interesting to see how Griff and team keep up with all the changing walls and how many artists are going to be included. 

Street Art London

We are on it don't worry.  We (and the Geeo Street Art Team) also have a host of new features in the works that will help with that ;)


Can't help feeling an app focusing on street art should be released on Android first seeing as how that's the more open platform. Just a thought, looks a great app.


Please make an Android!!!!!!! I would love to buy this but I don't own anything apple and never will!!