Your Hopes Mapped At London Transport Museum

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Your Hopes Mapped At London Transport Museum

Where do you hope to be? A simple, but fuzzy question, and one that artist Agnès Poitevin-Navarre will illustrate cartographically as part of London Transport Museum's upcoming Mind The Map exhibition. The anecdotal map will be called Land of Hopeful Commuters, and will be on public display from 18 May to 28 October.

She needs your help. You can contribute to the artwork by heading to this site and declaring "where you hope to be". You're encouraged to be "as literal or lyrical as you fancy" — from your dream home location to an abstract idea such as "In a place where my achievements outweigh my ambitions".

Image by only lines in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 08 February 2012


The London Transport Museum is so good at surprising me with their exhibitions. For a museum which is all about modes of transport (not everyones cup of tea) they have a great way of providing their visitors with something totally different but related. They have a great marketing department.

This next exhibition definitely sounds both fun and interesting.