You Wait 20 Minutes For A Bus...

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You Wait 20 Minutes For A Bus...

...and then all the buses in the world come along. Amusing/frustrating images from James Bird, who snapped this omnibus centipede on Essex Road this morning. Can anywhere else in town beat Essex Road for long chains of buses?

Last Updated 07 February 2012

Daniel Jeffery

Pentonville Road's not much better


My boyfriend counted 79 buses after we got off our bus on essex road near the New North Road junction! 


Daniel, that's the same queue! When I walked past it this morning it had started just outside the Essex Road Station and went all the way through to Pentonville Road. 1 mile of buses.

F Redman

Does anyone know why Islington Council dig up Angel on a seemingly anual basis, or why when all they seem to do is move paving slabs around it takes months every time?

It's sometimes feels like a bit of a first world problem, but then we are paying first world transport costs...

More pics:

Dominic Sayers

Oxford Street (of course). From my office window in Oxford Circus:


At Elephant & Castle, I once saw a chain of about 30 buses.


Route 28 is the same, especially around Wandsworth Town... what seems like a dozen buses going in the other direction and NONE going my way... so freaking annoying!!! 


This queue if buses had no one on it either and the queue must have been over a mile long!


Wood Green Shopping City gets to be similar, although nowhere near that many. Often 10-12 are visible in the block or two I can see.


This just shows why we need the Chelsea-Hackney line. I think they use more buses to run the 38 than any other oute in London.

some dude

A bus broke down outside angel station. Buses were that closely piled up that no one could reverse out to break the chain.


that picture is the epitome of my trip to school and college, and funnily enough, I was always stuck around Essex Road Station. Having to walk to school, there would always be at least one 341 to seven 38's. Useless!  

Kamiko (jammz)

The 38s did it!