Week In Geek: 27 February-4 March 2012

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Week In Geek: 27 February-4 March 2012

London events for people with curious minds.

Monday 27 February

CLIMATE CHANGE: Seen those glowing blue halos currently engirdling London's columns? They're part of an artwork called PLUNGE, highlighting the possible maximum rise in sea levels in the next 1,000 years. To coincide with the installations, a debate about climate change takes place tonight at the ICA involving representatives of art, religion, politics and law but, unusually, not science. FREE, 7.30pm

SPACE: Is there anything left to discover in the solar system or have our probes already done us sufficiently proud? Imperial's Zita Martins tells the Royal Society where potential revelations might be unearthed/unMarsed/unTitaned. FREE, 6.30pm

Tuesday 28 February

MATHS: Come back from your lunch break an expert on non-Euclidian geometry courtesy of this short lecture at UCL. FREE, 1.15pm

ARCHITECTURE: Ever taken a wander round RIBA's art deco headquarters on Portland Place? The impressive space is open for your perusal, along with several exhibitions and talks about architecture, in a special late opening tonight. FREE, 6pm-10pm

MEDICINE: The Royal Institution takes a look at intensive care medicine, with an excellent panel that includes Kevin Fong, Richard Barnett and a triage of clinicians. £10, 7pm

DEATH: Should euthanasia ever be an option, and under what circumstances? A sobering debate in a non-sobering location, as the Big Ideas forum returns to The Wheatsheaf. And they've got a Baroness on the bill. FREE, 8pm

Wednesday 29 February

SCIENCE IN THE MEDIA: Hear about good, bad and ugly examples of science reporting, from a distinguished panel that includes Mark Henderson, Jim Al-Khalili and Elaine Fox, at London School of Economics. FREE, 5.15pm

LATES: The Science Museum once again welcomes a late-night adult audience, with music, wine and one of the world's finest collections of scientific and technological artifacts. Tonight's theme is the science of surgery. FREE, 6.45pm

DANCE LIKE MARIO: Vibe Bar in Brick Lane hosts Nintendisco — a night of retro-gaming, music and drinking, for anyone who remembers the halcyon days on the Megadrive, NES and SNES. FREE, from 7pm

Thursday 1 March

ASTRONOMY: A new exhibition opens at the Royal Observatory today. Measuring the Universe: From The Transit of Venus to the Edge of the Cosmos is the wordy title of the show, which looks at how we work out the vast distances in the universe. FREE, runs until 2 September.

FUTUROLOGY: Jon Turney and panelists discuss the future, from the perspective of the past and present. Or something. Join them at the JZ Young Lecture Theatre at UCL before heading into the Grant Museum for a free glass of wine. FREE, 6pm

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: What can engineers do to improve the energy efficiency of homes? Find out at the Dana Centre tonight. FREE, 7pm

GREAT MINDS: Understand the thought processes of Einstein, Picasso and the ancients, and learn to paint an abstract masterpiece. They've set themselves up with an ambitious bill at this month's Salon event, this time held in the University Women’s Club in Mayfair. £10, 7.30pm

GEEK COMEDY: An unusual night at the Camden Head, where representatives of Gosh Comics and Orbital Comics try their hands at a spot of stand-up. £3, 7.30pm

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