Pond Dipping For Adults @ London Wetland Centre

By Zoe Craig Last edited 83 months ago
Pond Dipping For Adults @ London Wetland Centre

Got a few holiday days left to take before the end of the financial year? Thinking about a four-day week, but worried you’ll spend a Friday twiddling your thumbs til your mates get out of work and into the pub?

Londonist is here to help.

On Mondays throughout March, you can go pond dipping at the London Wetland Centre in Barnes. How’s that for a winning “So, what’d’you do with your day off” retort?

With the promise of no kids getting in the way, the London Wetland Centre is offering you the chance to while away a couple of happy hours with London’s finest pond life. Roll up your sleeves and enjoy a Pond Safari, hunting for the different kinds of insects and other creepy crawlies that live in fresh water.

The Big Game on offer includes diving beetles and caddisfly larvae: thankfully, the team will be on hand to tell you what’s what, and give you more details on the creatures’ behaviours and habitats.

If you’re a pond dipping virgin, don’t worry: there’s no previous knowledge required, and the sessions have a strong emphasis on fun. You don’t even have to book: just turn up at the Pond Zone, and forget about those work spreadsheets that need updating for a few hours.

Pond Dipping For Adults takes place at 12noon and 3pm on the following Mondays: 27 February, 5, 12, 19 and 26 March, at the London Wetland Centre, Queen Elizabeth’s Walk, London, SW13. Visit www.wwt.org.uk for more info. The cost is included in the price of admission: that's £9.99.

Image by Tub from the londonist flickrpool

Last Updated 23 February 2012