Olympic Closing Ceremony: One Big Celebration Of British Music

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Olympic Closing Ceremony: One Big Celebration Of British Music

New details of the Olympic Closing Ceremony have emerged. By 'details', we mean a vague teaser from creative director Kim Gavin about "the best of British music" both ancient and modern, rather than the customary classical-only finales from former games.

Here's what we know, in an equally vague but handy bullet format that you may or may not choose to sing to the tune of Rolling in the Deep:

  • There's a firework show, beating like a heart,
  • Reaching a fever pitch, over the Olympic Park.
  • "An elegant mash-up" from Adele to Elgar,
  • No one's been named quite yet; expect more than one star.
  • David Arnold's the only one confirmed,
  • As musical director, or so the role is termed.
  • Four thousand artists, taking to the stage,
  • They do it for the prestige and not the minimum wage.
  • CHORUS: We could have kept it small...etc.

We'll be back with a less-cringeworthy account of the acts and format when we have more details. In the meantime, you can listen to Gavin and Arnold talking about their vision in this video, which also includes footage of the stadium lighting being tested.

Last Updated 24 February 2012