Mayoral Elections 2012: The £60m Question

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 75 months ago
Mayoral Elections 2012: The £60m Question

As part of our election coverage we'll be asking various charities, campaigners and other interested parties how they'd improve London if we handed them £60m. We don't have £60m of course, but the people put into office in May will.

Why £60m? Well, it's how much we've been told (at a meeting with TfL) it would cost to remodel the northern roundabout at Elephant and Castle, and how much the Thames cable car is costing (£36m being provided by Emirates). These are two infrastructure projects that will have a significant impact on their local area, so we wondered what else could be achieved for a similar amount?

We asked the bloggers at last week's election event and answers ranged from "develop a new bus and put 200 on the road” to “abscond and have plastic surgery”, “turn Oxford Street into a social housing development with swimming pool” and “whatever I was elected to do”.

So what would you do?

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Last Updated 14 February 2012


Build a homeless shelter to make sure no-one ever, ever has to sleep on London streets again

Mark Walley

Could you split the northern line properly at Camden Town tube for 60 million?


Build safe cycling routes throughout the capital. 


more often DLR during weekends in east London and better connections in thames 


put some proper plans together for a bakerloo extension ...


If the money would stretch to it, a tunnel/underpass for through traffic at King's Cross.


Build a theme park at Battersea a la Tivoli in Copenhagen or Prater in Vienna