Is This London's Most Ridiculous Skyscraper?

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 74 months ago
Is This London's Most Ridiculous Skyscraper?
The mile-high "eco tower"
The mile-high "eco tower"
Mile-high living
Mile-high living
Smooth impact at ground level.
Smooth impact at ground level.

We were bemused yesterday to see the plan for a rotating tower, a pipe dream that will surely never see as much as a spade dug in anger. Yet it's not the most ridiculous skyscraper ever planned for the city. That honour goes to the mile-high eco tower pictured above.

Proposed in 2008, the tower was conceived as a radical solution to London's housing crunch, capable of housing up to 100,000 residents — the number of additional people needing to be homed every year in the capital. With no small understatement, the developers stated that their baby would

create a new and completely different scale to the existing city forming a separate layer superimposed above London's ancient and idiosyncratic street plan

That's putting it mildly. We can almost hear the heart palpitations from English Heritage and Clarence House as traditionalists consider the damage done to sight-lines.

The plan was, obviously, never a serious one. In fact we considered it for our Unbuilt London piece on skyscrapers, and rejected it because of its utter silliness. Let us know if you've seen anything more ridiculous.

Last Updated 16 February 2012


Well, not in London, but how about a building 700ft higher than mount Fuji?


Judging by the differing locations in the first and third images, it's also a mobile tower. 


That's hideous!!!!

andrea kirkby

In answer to your question: yes.


This uber insane project aside, I really do believe we have a problem in accepting that London has to move on in this city, we always fight change. There is always some group out there that will fight change, I don't get it, other cities are light years ahead of us in everything from infrastructure to transport...


yes it is - this 'thing' is far too big 


...would fit into switzerland, in yellow, as a symbol for cheese...

wayne charlton

so not to spoil the london skyline if a cluster of skycrapers were proposed the mile high echo tower  deffinately not for london, the shard is just the height but if proposed in the future any tall skycrapers in excess of 300metre should be built around the shard of glass if the southwark can accomadate other skycrapers.

Howrad Michello

could we please have a button choice for this one: 'Yes' 'No'!

(my click would be on Yes!)


I hope not what a monstrosity i hope it is to expensive to ever come out of the ground

Sir Rodney Ffing

Marginally beats the Shard...

Freelance photographer

Ridiculous? Come on! It's pretty much hillarious xD


I see Londonist has a reader at the BBC:


I think that it might be useful for the future if maybe environmentally something terrible happened etc, it will help sort out over population as instead of making london dense it will spread them out higher, if there was ev a severe flood the people in the tower will be safe up high compared to people stuck in their homes on ground floor (there'll be pubs and shops in the tower). BUT i don't think it looks very attractive and would ruin the view of london, I think it would be best far outside of the central london area maybe just outside, and there needs to be big glass walls in the holes because what if it was very windy and people were in those holes?! Someone suicidal could easily use the tower as their death and someone could easily trip or if someone was walking a dog in the garden then there's always a devastating possibility. But I think the idea could be a good one based on anything that could happen in the future but needs more developing.


I love it! I hope they build it. 1.5km! Way taller than the Shard and 1 Canada Square


I want London to have one of the world's tallest buildings. I HOPE it's built!