Code 2 On Platform 4: The Meaning Of Tube Cleaner Codes

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Code 2 On Platform 4: The Meaning Of Tube Cleaner Codes

The Tube, BBC2's current series about the London Underground, contains many wonderful insights, and should be required viewing for anyone who uses the network. One revelation from Monday's episode was an explanation of the numbered codes used by station announcers to direct cleaning staff to messy corners. Rather than perturb passengers by announcing that someone's vommed on platform 4, the station controller will instead instruct the contractor that a 'code 3' awaits their attention.

Most of these unsolicited deposits have separate codes for obvious reasons, but we're not sure why wee and poo are combined under Code 2, while vomit gets its own designation. Something to ponder as you go about your day.

  • Code 1: Blood
  • Code 2: Urine/Faeces
  • Code 3: Vomit
  • Code 4: Spillage
  • Code 5: Broken Glass
  • Code 6: Litter

The controller interviewed on the programme also alluded to a mysterious 'Code 7', for anything not fitting these categories. The mind boggles.

The next episode of The Tube is on BBC2 at 9pm on Monday 27 February. The first episode is available on iPlayer until 2 April 2012.

Last Updated 23 February 2012