Video: Dance Willesden Junction

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Video: Dance Willesden Junction

Would you stare? Would you smile? Would you shimmy along? Watch:

The short film is 13.32 minutes long but bear with it - we loved seeing the group of nine friends get joyfully lost in the music just outside Willesden Junction station with passengers passing through them somewhat bewildered and kudos to the brilliant bus garage guy joining in with a fabulous funk then running away at 6m 35. Towards the end, there are beautifully atmospheric and tender moments on the bridge over the Grand Union Canal at around 9m 30.

The video was shot by the artist's 25 year old son Marlon and his girlfriend Tania, adding an inter-generational aspect to the film. As Rose says, it was a case of "the young observing the old for a change through the eye of a camera".

Read the full story of this magnificent Harlesden Happening here.

Dance Willesden Junction is part of Rose Rouse's ongoing project, Not On Safari In Harlesden, mixing urban anthropology, memoir and happenings — an adventure on her doorstep.

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Last Updated 04 January 2012


There's something deeply disturbing about this.


I absolutely LOVE this! if they would like another friend I would dearly LOVE to join in next one! i think this is MAGIC XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Dave H

This is a bit like watching an extended slow-mo car crash, albeit a rather well edited one.


Slow-mo car crash? You obviously have no sense of humour, adventure or sense of your own repression.




This is utterly brilliant.....though i do concede you may have to be in your 40s to appreciate it!