New EastEnders Titles Feature Olympic Park

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 84 months ago
New EastEnders Titles Feature Olympic Park

Alongside the traditionally uplifting New Year's Day storyline, EastEnders viewers got to enjoy a new addition to the title sequence: the Olympic Park is now included in the title sequence. It can be seen above the 'a' and 's' in the image above.

The sudden appearance of the park and its amenities could present something of a continuity challenge to the soap's famously fastidious scriptwriters: it shares the same E20 postcode as the fictional Albert Square, despite being a mile or so from where the show is set. Perhaps next year's storylines will revolve around the challenges presented when the Beale family moves into a flat in the Athlete's Village, and the local market's economic viability is sorely tested by Westfield. Or perhaps not.

Last Updated 02 January 2012