Five New Areas Of London Named In Olympic Competition

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Five New Areas Of London Named In Olympic Competition

London will get five new neighbourhoods after the Olympics, all named by members of the public.

The pentet of place names were announced today on the Robert Elms show on BBC London radio. They are:

  • Chobham Manor (North of the Athletes Village) – an old manorial name, and erstwhile work site of author Iain Sinclair, according to the opening chapters of his new book Ghost Milk.
  • Eastwick (next to Hackney Wick) – named for obvious reasons. EDIT: Apparently, it's East Wick, making the new village slightly less witchsome.
  • Marshgate Wharf (next to Stratford City) – it's marshy, but how gatey or wharfy?
  • Sweetwater (next to Old Ford) – after an old sweet factory on the site, and the river Lea.
  • Pudding Mill (Pudding Mill Lane area)

An appropriate and largely non-controversial selection, we reckon. Although, given our earlier post on the state of the River Lea, we have to wonder about Sweetwater. And it's a pity they didn't create a Walford to match the E20 postcode.

A phased reopening of the park will begin in 2013, with families moving into the new conurbations in 2015.

What do you think about London's newest neighbourhoods?

Last Updated 02 August 2011


Sweetwater sounds horrible. It makes me think of the smell near the Tate and Lyle refinery in N.Woolwich.


Witches of Eastwick?


And - Marshgte Wharf



Eastwick (next to Hackney Wick) – named for obvious reasons.

It's the ancient site for the burning of Witches?


Pentet? Did you mean quintet?

Lindsey Berthoud

Is Chobham pronounced with a 'ch' or 'co'? I quite like that one if it's with a 'ch'.

Dean Nicholas

There's already a hashtag for alternative name suggestions:!/search/%...

I wouldn't want to live in Jowell's Folly.

Dean Nicholas

Hackney council are stating that, contrary to earlier reports, it's East Wick, not Eastwick.


Dreadful unimaginative rubbish - the kind of lowest common denominator nonsense you get when this sort of thing is chosen by committee, especially ones with a smattering of councillors and regeneration wonks. Doubt they'll be used except by estate agents trying to flog the breeze block filing cabinets that'll be built here.


I like sweetwater better than fiverings.... 

Daniel Kearney

Bondi1000 is very right. If the Parisians had won the Olympics they would have thought up something more imaginative; not that I wanted the Parisians to have won the Olympics. At least naming the neighbourhoods after some of our finest athletes would have been better, and not just naming the park bit after Elizabeth II. After all, we already have a park named after a queen in East London.

How long before these new estates get their new nicknames going from
Chobham Manor, Eastwick, Marshgate Wharf, Sweetwater and Pudding Mill
to Chavham Manor, East Dickwick, Marshite Wharf, Pisswater and Dogs Dinner Mill