Tube Strike On Boxing Day

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Tube Strike On Boxing Day

The transport union Aslef has announced that its members will strike on Boxing Day and on January 16th and the 3rd and 13th of February in the new year. 93% of those who voted were in favour of industrial action.

The row stems from the union's pay demands for working over the bank holiday (they want members to get quadruple time). It'll be the second Boxing Day in succession that Aslef members walk out, and comes at a time when London's retailers are already experiencing severe hardships.

Though the RMT and its loveable rogue of a leader Bob Crow are not directly involved, their members may refuse to cross the picket lines, meaning even greater disruption to services. London Underground will approach the High Court to seek an injunction, but such moves have failed in the past.

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Last Updated 14 December 2011


"93% of the union’s 2,200 members voted in favour of industrial action."

Actually, 93% of those who voted did so in favour - we don't know what the turnout rate was.


Let's not bleat about the turnout for the ballot, as politicians who attack the unions on that front are on very dodgy ground once you take a look at the turnouts we get for local elections, EU elections, By-elections & even at General Elections in a lot of constituencies.

The quadruple time pay is triple time pay plus a day off in leiu from what I've read- what are they on currently for Bank Holidays?

passer by

I don't Vote in the strike ballots at my work, as to do so would place me under an obligation to follow the result.