The Tube Platform That's Not There

Andy Thornley
By Andy Thornley Last edited 76 months ago
The Tube Platform That's Not There

In their haste to re-open the Northern Line platforms at Totttenham Court road, it appears that TfL have forgotten to re-instate maps showing that trains are now stopping there once again.

The vast majority of maps in the station – including those on the Northern Line platforms – show access to the Central Line only. This effectively means that according to the maps on the the Northern Line platform, you are stood on a platform that does not exist.

It also appears that despite taking stickers off the Northern Line route maps onboard trains which explained the closure, the sticker-taker-offers have forgotten to change the tube maps found in carriages too.

Northern Line trains were not stopping at the station enabling major works to take place on platforms and the station reopened on 28 November following a period of closure totalling almost eight months. The station is one of central London's busiest and is usually used by over 140,000 people each day.

Last Updated 05 December 2011


I expect they are waiting until next weekend to bring out a new tube map when the weekday Kensington (Olympia) service will become virtually non-existent (maybe reverting to being a dotted line on the map).


December map is on the way.


Out of all the things that could be complained about the tube, I think this ranks pretty low. I think it's great that the station has re-opened on time, personally. And, if you're going to complain, coudl you get your grammar right and use standing instaed of stood - it's bad enough to here it said but seeing it written down is slightly worrying.... Happy to moan about the tube; just not about tiny things like this and not using bad grammar...... ;-)


@DEJ I do hope your comment was meant in sarcasm, considering your grammar....


@DEJ And speeling...