Police Release Riot Suspect Photos

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Police Release Riot Suspect Photos

A further 213 CCTV images of people wanted for questioning over the August riots has been released by the Metropolitan Police today.

The gallery of mugshots can be found on Flickr and is the result of 200,000 hours of officers viewing CCTV footage to identify suspects. Out of 3269 arrests to date, 2046 people have been charged with offences relating to the riots. Commander Steve Rodhouse of Operation Withern said:

'I would like to thank the public for continuing to assist us with this investigation, without their help positive identifications on several images would not have been made. Four months on from the disorder my team of officers remain absolutely committed to identifying, arresting and charging those involved in the criminality that took place.'

The spotlight continues to fall on the riots and those who were involved; a recent joint project between the Guardian newspaper and the London School of Economics provided in-depth interviews and analysis on the communities affected. A video by Naked Eye Research also provides insight into events over those few days in August.

Sentencing of those convicted of offences during the riots has attracted criticism over the disproportionate nature of some sentences but Lord Justice Leveson has defended it, saying that there was no undue political influence.

Anyone with information on the 213 riot suspects can contact Crimestoppers anonymously quoting the reference number alongside the image.

Last Updated 14 December 2011