Get Paid To Follow The Olympic Torch Around

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Get Paid To Follow The Olympic Torch Around'll have to do a fair bit of work as well. But if you fancy touring the country, following the Olympic torch as it moves from town to town, having your accommodation, travel and food paid for, and getting a salary to boot, take a look here.

Official sponsors of the Torch Relay Samsung are seeking Brand Ambassadors and Team Leaders to assist with the logistical aspects of their work during the flame's peregrinations, helping out with events, road shows and hospitality over a 73-day period. Application is by a two-stage process: a 'pre-casting' discussion in December or January, followed by the 'casting' in February.

You'll need to be available full-time between May and July 2012, and able to attend training days in March/April. As well as receiving what's described as a 'great rate of pay', you'll also gain enviable experience with event management and field staff skills. You might even get to meet Wenlock and Mandeville.

Amusingly, the advert also offers insights into the bizarre world of brand management. To avoid using protected words, the recruiting agency are describing the Torch Relay and Olympics as 'a massive sporting event happening in 2012'. One wonders if learning to call a spade a D-handled digging implement will be part of the training.

Last Updated 12 December 2011