Buy Your Travelcard Before Prices Rise In January

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 86 months ago
Buy Your Travelcard Before Prices Rise In January

The much-talked-about fares increase comes into effect on 2nd January, so make sure you buy your travelcard in the next couple of days. It could save you up to £11.50 on a monthly ticket or £120 on an annual (zones 1-6).

With extra cash from the government, TfL have managed to hold fare rises from a planned 7% average to 6% average. Here are the headline prices for next year:

  • Monthly travelcard zone 1/1-2: £112.20 (5.6% increase)
  • Monthly travelcard zones 1-3: £131.40 (6.2% increase)
  • Monthly travelcard zones 1-4:  £160.60 (6.1% increase)
  • Monthly travelcard zones 1-5: £191.30 (6% increase)
  • Monthly travelcard zones 1-6: £205.10 (5.9% increase)
  • Monthly bus pass: £72.20 (5.6% increase)

While we're talking fare rises, the Shepherd's Bush Blog has had a look at some research that shows bus fares in London have increased by 18.5% in real terms since 2008, compared with 8.8% across the rest of the country.

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Last Updated 29 December 2011