Buy Your Travelcard Before Prices Rise In January

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 150 months ago

Last Updated 29 December 2011

Buy Your Travelcard Before Prices Rise In January

The much-talked-about fares increase comes into effect on 2nd January, so make sure you buy your travelcard in the next couple of days. It could save you up to £11.50 on a monthly ticket or £120 on an annual (zones 1-6).

With extra cash from the government, TfL have managed to hold fare rises from a planned 7% average to 6% average. Here are the headline prices for next year:

  • Monthly travelcard zone 1/1-2: £112.20 (5.6% increase)
  • Monthly travelcard zones 1-3: £131.40 (6.2% increase)
  • Monthly travelcard zones 1-4:  £160.60 (6.1% increase)
  • Monthly travelcard zones 1-5: £191.30 (6% increase)
  • Monthly travelcard zones 1-6: £205.10 (5.9% increase)
  • Monthly bus pass: £72.20 (5.6% increase)

While we're talking fare rises, the Shepherd's Bush Blog has had a look at some research that shows bus fares in London have increased by 18.5% in real terms since 2008, compared with 8.8% across the rest of the country.

Photo by Magic Pea from the Londonist Flickr pool