Video: London From A Bus Window

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Video: London From A Bus Window

Take a few minutes out of your day to watch this video, shot from inside London buses. The maker, Moritz Oberholzer says, "everything is shot handheld with an hd camera and a DIY 35mm adapter while sitting in one of those red vehicles of London."

In an amazing feat of filmmaking, it feels like Moritz has captured a snapshot of all London through the bus window and edited it together into a dreamlike sequence that is quite beautiful. A love letter to London? At the very least, it's a priceless reminder to look up, look down and all around.

For your info, the music used is Ratatat "Loud Pipes".

Many thanks to @Zefrog for the tip off.

Last Updated 04 November 2011


That's a nice video - it sums up why getting the bus in London is better than getting the tube :)

Adam White

I do like the fact that the closing shot is a single pigeon in front of the sign for 1 Poultry.


I did a lot of shots from the bus windows ) Love London buses!


Check this one out, it is even better - really fascinating, be sure to read the blurb too. Hope you will feature it separately! :)


Stunning. All the more amazing because it's real people living their real lives. It's too easy to avert your eyes from real life in London.


Great video! Caroline, the only thing I can say about yours is that is long... very long. I got bored after 10 seconds...


That is superb.


Love this!


When I was back in Florida working towards the move to come back to London, a lot of people asked me what I was looking forward to doing once I was back in the Big Smoke. One of the things I looked forward to--if not *the* thing I was most looking forward to--was getting on a bus, climbing up to the top deck and watching the city go by as I listened to my iPod.

How wonderful this video is, reminding us the magic in the mundane. I hope there'll be more!


I LOVE London :)