Tweeting Through The Blackout

By Lindsey Last edited 84 months ago
Tweeting Through The Blackout

A project conjuring up the everyday lives of four Londoners living, working and surviving through World War II over three weeks in 1943 comes to a conclusion tomorrow, on Armistice Day.

Network 43 have retroactively applied Twitter technology to Ellie Blackwood, Kay Parker, Bill Allen and Spr. James Campbell and attempted to express their real-life, Home Front experiences in messages no longer than 140 characters.

If you haven't been following events as they're unfolded - or rather, been Tweeted - you can look back over the live feed and catch up with their stories online. In keeping with 21st century social networking, you can also browse "latest photos and videos" illustrating the stories.

Accompanying the personal stories, the news tab brings you the latest from the world in 1943. On this day back then, Winston Churchill addressed the Lord Mayor's Day Luncheon at Mansion House (the Lord Mayor's Show 2011 takes place this Saturday), sensing hope in the air but calling for a "further display of the firmness and fortitude for which the British nation has won renown".

It would be nearly another two years before the war ended.

If this project interests you, take a look at Kew archives' amazing efforts to Tweet WWII in real-time last year.

Remember the Two Minutes Silence at 11am on Friday 11 November. People will gather in Trafalgar Square to mark the silence. And it's not too late to donate to the Poppy Appeal.

Last Updated 10 November 2011