OccupyLSX Wins New Year Reprieve

By BethPH Last edited 152 months ago

Last Updated 03 November 2011

OccupyLSX Wins New Year Reprieve

The Corporation of London have offered to allow the Occupy protest camp to remain at St Paul’s until the New Year.

Just days after threatening legal action to clear the camp, the church and the Corporation appear to have reversed their previous positions following a meeting on Wednesday between the opposing sides. OccupyLSX has yet to agree to the extended deadline but optimism appears to be the order of the day. Occupy representative Tina Rothery said;

‘We are delighted. This is a great U-turn from the Corporation of London. And following the backing of the Archbishop and St Paul’s, this is proving to be an exciting time for our movement. Only on Tuesday morning, the Corporation was about to attempt to evict us. Now they are offering a reprieve. However, we need to discuss this offer with our General Assembly and amongst ourselves.’

The row over the camp had become increasingly bitter, with three senior clergy at St Paul’s resigning from their posts in protest and widespread concerns over eviction of the protesters in the wake of the violent scenes at Dale Farm.

As the world’s leaders gather in Cannes this week to try and head off a European sovereign debt catastrophe, Occupy have issued a G20 statement on what they would like to see achieved, which includes a global economic system which is democratic, just and sustainable.