New Map Shows Clandestine London

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New Map Shows Clandestine London

Looking for a safe venue for a naughty romantic tryst? Embroiled in a spot of international espionage and need a good place to exchange suitcases with Agent 45? Recruiting a latter-day Lavender Hill Mob? Then you need this map of clandestine London, which lists out 31 places for secret meetings.

Find the best places in town to snuggle up in a booth and hide from the world. Discover the open spaces that seem (tinker) tailor-made for passing on information. And learn which venues offer the best means of a hasty escape, should your pursuers catch you up. The recommendation of Transformation on Eversholt Street may not be wholly serious.

Get the map now from Herb-Lester for just £3.

Last Updated 08 November 2011