New Artists Exhibition At 50 Berkeley Square

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New Artists Exhibition At 50 Berkeley Square

Here's a little-publicised event that ticks several Londonist boxes:

  • A photographic exhibition of images partly inspired by Gustave Dore's Victorian engravings of London opium dens.
  • It's inside Maggs Bookshop at 50 Berkeley Square (which, as any London cabbie will tall you, is the most haunted house in London).
  • The exhibition also features stuff for sale from Maggs's counterculture section, including items relating to Crowley, Burroughs, Leary and the Angry Brigade.
  • One of the exhibiting artists is Ritchie Culver who, it seems possible, was responsible for the plaintive "I Loved You" graffiti that some might remember from Notting Hill Gate a few years ago.
  • Among their other exhibits, Shorvon and Hunter, have put together 40 'Top Trumps' cards using unrestricted Facebook data from people they've never met or otherwise heard of.

The exhibition is the inaugural effort from New Artists, who promote accessibility and playfulness in art. It runs at Maggs Books, 50 Berkeley Square from 2-5 December. Entrance is free. Alas, the only further info we can find is in PDF form.

New Artists featuring Ritchie Culver, and Shorvon and Hunter runs at Maggs Gallery, 50 Berkeley Square, 2-5 December. Entrance is free.

Last Updated 30 November 2011