Romantic Tragedy In Notting Hill

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Romantic Tragedy In Notting Hill
I loved you.jpg

Breaking up is so very hard to do, especially in the romcom land of Notting Hill. This plaintive message was spotted high above street level on Pembridge Road. But who loved whom, what went wrong, and why did they feel the need to daub their rooftop with emotive graffiti?

Our leading theory is Burt the chimney sweep, still holding out hopes that Mary Poppins will one day return.

Or perhaps the declaration is aimed at some love-rat member of the bar staff across the road in the Prince Albert. Imagine being reminded of your cheating ways every time you clear the glasses up. Or maybe it’s intended as a message to the pub itself, which opinion suggests has gone down hill of late.

Anyone care to conjecture?

Last Updated 07 April 2006