Millbank Tower Set To Twist and Shout

Andy Thornley
By Andy Thornley Last edited 84 months ago
Millbank Tower Set To Twist and Shout

Super producer deadmau5 has created exclusive remixes and will perform live at the base of the tower to fans across the river and the river bank. The music is the 4th dimension, brought to us from the man famous for his incredible light shows and use of technology in live sets


Following its role as a playground for student protesters, Millbank Tower will be transformed in to a 4-D art installation to mark the launch of a new Nokia mobile phone. The slightly spurious dimensional count includes a 2-D projection onto a 3-D surface with a fourth 'dimension' provided by musical accompaniment.

The 120 metre high building with be transformed by a graphical projection that will make the building appear to twist and buckle. The projection will also include butterflies appearing on the 800 windows of the tower as music is played by deadmau5. The mock-up pictures look a little underwhelming, but the target="_blank">Nokia promo video gives a teaser as to what to expect – you’ll probably have to be there to fully appreciate it.

The event takes place on 28 November and will be visible from both the north and south shores of the Thames.

Millbank Tower is also home to the Conservative party’s campaign office, so don’t be surprised if the idea is nicked and used during the next general election…

Last Updated 15 November 2011