London Remembers: Collecting All Of London's Memorials

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London Remembers: Collecting All Of London's Memorials

Congratulations to London Remembers, which just relaunched with a new-look website. This fantastic resource aims to catalogue every memorial in London, from the ubiquitous blue plaques to war memorials. Even temporary tributes, such as Ghost Bikes, are recorded.

Each memorial is photographed, transcribed and catagorised. It's an eminently addictive archive, rich in stories. On no other site can you immediately discover memorials to 26 people and places that never existed, or 8 memorial gates. Do you know the location of a plaque to the Norwegian ice business? You do now. How about a memorial to Anglo-Indian togetherness? It's here.

The site dates back almost to the beginning of the web. Richenda Walford began her ongoing mission to catalogue and photograph the capital's memorials in 1995. Today, the tally stands at 2,232 memorials to 9,249 subjects, and will continue to grow.

The new-look website, relaunched to a crowd of London bloggers and obsessives last night, also boasts an 'on this day' section. We learn that 17 November marks the birth of Peter Cook and Field Marshal Montgomery, and the deaths of Eric Gill and Mervyn Peake, all of whom have memorials around London. There's also a 'puzzle corner' for mysterious dedications that have Richenda stumped. See if you can solve any.

Last Updated 17 November 2011