Help Raise £500k On London Poppy Day

By Lindsey Last edited 78 months ago
Help Raise £500k On London Poppy Day

An army of collectors are at Tube and railway stations this morning proffering poppies in a bid to raise £500,000 for the The Royal British Legion. The students, city workers and current and former Service personnel rattling tins for your attention will need to be tenacious - last year they raised £225,000 in 12 hours, so it's an ambitious target.

Specially knitted poppies will be available at all stations today only, for donations of over £20.

To help spur them on and rouse your philanthropic instincts, the Band of the Brigade of Gurkhas will be playing in Canary Wharf, the Central Band of the RAF in Covent Garden and the Royal Artillery Band will play in Leadenhall Market. The RN Volunteer Band HMS Collingwood will play in Paternoster Square and the Pipes and Drums of the Highland Gunners will be at Euston.

Barclays are also supporting London Poppy day by donating £1 for every journey made on Barclays Cycle Hire today.

If you walked straight past the collectors during morning rush hour, they'll be back out at lunchtime and during the home commute, between 5-7pm.

Last Updated 03 November 2011

Dean Nicholas

Saw a large throng of collectors at Totttenham Court Road this morning. I had the unfortunate experience of delving into my pockets, intending to give them all the change I had... unfortunately this amounted to the sum of about 13p. I meekly dropped it into the bucket and got a slightly sour look from one of them. Resolved to give more money later.


Sorry to be thick, but do you mean today (Nov 3) or on Nov 11? I only received this at half past 5 and was already home, but will be sure to find other poppy people if I've missed the boat.