Help Design Public Services @ Citycamp Families

By Lindsey Last edited 86 months ago
Help Design Public Services @ Citycamp Families

Have you got good ideas about how to provide services to families in need? Citycamp Families is a one day event this Saturday at Hub Westminster, applying barcamp and hackday approaches to public service design.

You might be working with families, part of a local campaigning group, interested in policy research or part of a family with experience of the system. The idea is to gather together a multi-disciplinary group in an informal setting to help find better ways of providing services.

You might have thought of a technological innovation, a social enterprise start-up, a lobbying idea, a research report to commission, or something completely new in service delivery.

The day has been designed by two public servants in their spare time, working with some think-tank colleagues, and others from businesses and not-for-profit organisations. The day is action focussed. It's not all about blue sky ideas but practical solutions. At the end of it all there'll be an agreed to-do list of how to take ideas forward. So get thinking.

It is free to participate. Sign up here. Find out more about the thinking behind the day here.

Last Updated 14 November 2011