Fare Deal Rally: Ken Campaigns For Cuts

By BethPH Last edited 86 months ago
Fare Deal Rally: Ken Campaigns For Cuts

Ken Livingstone announced on Monday, ahead of today's Fare Deal Rally, his intention to bring back the zone 2-6 travelcard abolished by Boris Johnson.

The former mayor has been stepping up his campaign to be re-elected as mayor of London and transport is high on everyone's agenda, especially with fare rises predicted for 2012 and the Olympics putting the squeeze on commuters. Ken Livingstone says that 'fares have rocketed under Boris Johnson', though as we recently highlighted, fares have been on the increase for years. His claims over the financial impact on commuters has been disputed (admittedly by Andrew Gilligan in the Telegraph) who calls Ken's figures on fares 'fraudulent'. Boris Johnson has also recently been accused of being creative with stats.

The Fare Deal Rally, which starts at 7pm at the Camden Centre, Bidborough Street, is a platform for Londoners to come together and support the campaign for fairer fares. Ken Livingstone says under the Fare Deal, he plans to cut fares by 5% to save the average commuter in London £800 over the next four years.

'If I am elected I will cut the fares and introduce a 2-6 travelcard, the ZoneSaver card, saving fare-payers in outer London hundreds of pounds a year. Boris Johnson abolished it in January 2011. I will reintroduce it by October next year. The choice could not be clearer.'

Speakers will include Ken Livingstone, Tom Watson MP, Val Shawcross AM, Tessa Jowell MP, Len McCluskey (Unite, General Secretary), Sally Bercow, Dannie Grufferty (NUS Vice President, Society and Citizenship) and Sara Ibrahim (Chair, Young Fabians).

Last Updated 23 November 2011