Free Art Display At Occupy Finsbury Square

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Free Art Display At Occupy Finsbury Square

The Occupy London camps have gradually grown in social complexity and order to the point that they now have an official Artist-in-Residence. They couldn't have chosen better than Robson Cezar, who creates lustrous compositions from bottle tops collected in the pubs of the East End.

Tomorrow, Friday 11 November, he's organising a free exhibition at the Finsbury Square camp, in support of the ongoing protest. The theme? There isn't one. The exhibits? No one knows yet. Instead, Cezar is asking artists of all stripes to bring their best work along for public display in an exhibition called Everyone Is An Artist.

You can pitch a tent to show your work in. You can put a sculpture on the grass. You can bring a picture and an easel to
display it. You can do a performance. You can make a banner or a flag.

To take part, email Cezar on with the name and title of your work – today if possible.

The free exhibition will be open from 11am till 8pm on Friday 11 November.

Last Updated 10 November 2011