"Boomerang" Tower Likely To Go Ahead

Dean Nicholas
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"Boomerang" Tower Likely To Go Ahead

The long-planned, long delayed residential / hotel skyscraper at One Blackfriars Road, known officially as the Beetham Tower and christened by the marketing deep-thinkers, in a grand dismissal of the basic laws of aerodynamics, as the Boomerang, is set to go ahead after the site was bought for around £150 million by developer St George.

Given planning permission in 2007, the project ran into trouble during the recession. With new money backing the scheme, construction work on the 153-meter, 53-storey tower could begin shortly.

Whether it will be welcome is another matter. Boris Johnson is a sworn foe (since becoming Mayor he's tried, and failed, to get it kyboshed); there were also numerous objections from local councils and heritage groups, which led to the tower's original 200-odd meter reach being scaled down.

The news comes amidst a growing backlash against the new breed of London skyscraper, with some critics of capitalism anointing the likes of the Shard as a symbol of the evil and menace of corporate culture run amok. Like many other newcomers, the Boomerang's designers have offered a bauble to the fickle public by incorporating a viewing gallery at the top

The tower will get a new name now that Beetham is no longer involved. And it probably needs a better nickname, too.

Last Updated 01 November 2011


this looks great


Speaking as someone with absolutely no personal stake in the area, I think it's a wonderful design and a useful navigational landmark. There's quite a bit of housing round there, though, so I could understand if people are concerned about its effects on the neighbourhood.

Josh Aggars

Yep quite like this one actually especially given the unique design.  It's that big old monstrosity 'the Walkie Talkie' (more like 'the most utterly out of place design this side of a 60's office block') going up on the north side of the Thames which I can't believe got the go ahead.

As for the Shard I don't have an issue with it per se, in fact I think its rather elegant, but I do think it serves a rather elegant point when you see people living in a shed on a roof in its shadow (pics on me blog if you don't know what I'm talking about - sorry to self promote just think the pictures speak for themselves).