The School Of Table Manners @ Kensington Hotel

Franco Milazzo
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The School Of Table Manners @ Kensington Hotel

Bad manners – they're not just a ska band from North London. How one comports oneself at the table is the subject of a new pair of classes being held next month.

We all know about not licking the knife and not using the napkin to blow your nose (at least in public) but the myriad other rules often escape the young. With that in mind, the Kensington Hotel will be holding two free classes in table etiquette for children aged 5-10 in their Aubry Restaurant on 12 and 19 November.

While the parents or guardians make judicious use of the hotel's afternoon tea or cocktail list, the students will be taught over the course of an hour the finer points of dining etiquette by way of cake, sandwiches and "tea". Topics covered include correct posture, how to hold the knife and fork and suitable conversational patter (we suggest avoiding politics, religion and what kind of tea needs quotemarks).

If you're too old for these classes and want to brush up on the dos and don'ts, here are some tips from the top. Or if you feel that, when it comes to eating, rules are there to be broken, then you may want to pop down to the Experimental Food Society's exhibition tomorrow or Saturday.

For more information about the classes, please call 0207 589 6300.

Please note – children must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. Classes are free but places are limited so please contact the hotel to reserve a place. The classes will later be hosted on a more regular basis during school half terms and holidays subject to demand.

Photo (c) Peter Denton from the Londonist Flickr pool.


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Last Updated 19 October 2011