Franco Milazzo

Franco Milazzo

Franco is a born-and-bred North Londoner and, as such, doesn't go south of the river without a good reason. In fact, when he was growing up, he swears the school maps marked that space between Croydon to Waterloo as "Here Be Dragons".

Franco has been with Londonist since 2010 covering theatre, opera, cabaret and even musicals. When not writing notes in a darkened room, he can be found in Soho eating pizza with friends or post-show crying (sometimes happily) into some overpriced pasta. Outside Londonist, Franco is a super-assessor for the prestigious Off-West End awards (or Offies) and the Daily Beast were kind enough to call him "a man with an encyclopedic knowledge of the city’s underground culture".

He still gets nightmares over the Shakespeare anniversary of 2016 when there were at least five versions of every play on every street corner and everyone was truly bored of the Bard. Truly, his cup did runneth over and he still gets nervous tics when he passes the Globe. Don't mention the donkey.

All his reviews are dedicated to Johnny Fox, Londonist's stage editor who died in 2020 and who will always be an inspiration.

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