Man Shot On Clapham High Street

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Man Shot On Clapham High Street

A man was hit by a volley of gunshots last night on Clapham High Street.

The shooting took place around 21:40 at the junction with Cato Road opposite the Hed Kandi bar where revellers were enjoying evening drinks. The high street was also busy with pedestrians and some ran for cover upon hearing the shots.

Our reporter, who was on the scene, was one of the passers-by who gave emergency first aid until police officers, paramedics and doctors arrived. The victim’s friend, who was with him at the time of the shooting, was in obvious distress as members of the public and officers held her back, allowing medics to treat the man, believed to be in his 30s.

Doctors took over 30 minutes to stabilise the man and it appears that they performed emergency surgery on the street before whisking him away to hospital under a police escort.

Following the shots, witnesses reported seeing a car speeding off down Cato Road with two hooded youths running shortly after.

The High Street remained closed for the rest of the night to allow forensic examination of the scene and re-opened early this morning.

Many thanks to Andy Thornley for his eye-witness account

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I called the police and really hope this poor man is ok. Apparently witness's the shooters ran down the road laughing???? WTF The guy giving first aid on the scene was amazing. Some of the police were great but some of them were absolutely disgusting in terms of how the spoke to the victims friend other witness's including myself. Its a little wonder there is such a hostile attitude to police when they are so hostile to us. After the police spoke to me like that I left. God keep the poor young man alive and safe. 

Steve P

Pulled over on my bike to help the passers-by giving first aid. The guy looked like he had been hit by a car at first, then realised he was bleeding heavily. The toilet tissue wasn't any good so used our football bibs to help stem the flood of blood. Most important thing was keeping the poor guy awake! His friend was understandably upset and don't think the police realised she was with him. I hope he survives, everyone really gathered round together to help and there was about 9 or 10 witness statements given to the police.


I have just moved my family out of this area, reason being stuff like this. It's only going to get worse. Black gum crime will keep on rising. Poor guy who got shot.