CityMapper Shows Quickest Routes, Costs And Calories

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CityMapper Shows Quickest Routes, Costs And Calories

Another day, another Google Maps mashup to help you navigate around town. Like other sites, CityMapper lets you click on a map to indicate your starting point and where you want to end up. It then plots a suggested routes between the two. The large number of options it spits out are what sets this site apart.

You're given five transport options: bus, Tube, taxi, cycling and walking. For the paid transport, you're given the likely cost and information about which services to catch. For the walking and cycling options, CityMapper displays the approximate number of calories (presumably for someone of average build and fitness) that would be used in making the journey. Cyclists also get options for quiet and fast routes, with information about cycle-hire stands.

So, let's say Boris is travelling from City Hall to pick up an OBE at Buckingham Palace. His quickest option would be a taxi, which would whisk him to the Palace in 19 minutes, all being well on the roads, but cost him £14. If he'd rather go by pedal power, he could make the journey in 36 minutes, burning 150 calories. If time was on his side, and he wanted to saunter, he could reach his destination in an hour and 3 minutes. The morning stroll would use up 260 calories (the equivalent, CityMapper tells us, of two grande lattes), helping the Mayor slip into his poshest suit for his royal appointment.

The mashup is from the same guys who built the BusMapper interface, which is now includes schedules and is available as an iPhone (etc.) app.

Last Updated 25 October 2011