Week In Geek: 19-25 September 2011

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Week In Geek: 19-25 September 2011

Events for Londoners with curious minds.

Monday 19 September
QUIZ: Join Londonist editor M@ for another Royal Institution science and technology pub quiz. Most of the questions are aimed at a general audience, so don't be put off if you never got beyond GCSE. £2, 7pm (arrive early to be sure of a table)

Tuesday 20 September
VARIETY: Bright Club returns to the Wilmington Arms in Finsbury, with a combined platform of comedians and academics. Always jolly good fun, and always popular. Get your tickets now. £5, 8pm

HISTORY: Learn about the geological and archaeological evidence that allows us to piece together a picture of the ancient Thames and the people and animals that lived along it. Danielle Schreve of Royal Holloway, University of London talks at the Geological Society in Burlington House, Piccadilly. FREE, 6pm

DESIGN: An event at London Transport Museum considers the importance of signs in London, and the work that goes into their design. £8, 6.30pm

Wednesday 21 September
HISTORY: Another shameless plug for an event hosted by Londonist editor M@. This time, it's History in the Pub, in which notable historians share a stage with a musician and a quizmaster before giving way to an open mic for anyone who wants to offer an historical anecdote. £3, 7pm

MEDICINE: Gresham College finally revs into first gear after a long summer snooze. Dr Tim Wallington looks at the life and legacy of Edward Jenner, pioneer of the vaccine. FREE, 6pm

Thursday 22 September
PHYSICS: New Scientist editor Roger Highfield is curating a new series of events that claim to make you an 'instant expert' in a given subject (yeah, right). The debut offering has astrophysicist Michael Rowan-Robinson taking about invisible rays from the stars and Sir John Pendry describing how to make an invisibility cloak. £10, 7pm

SCIENCE: What's Africa's contribution to science? A straightforward question from the Dana Centre that probably has a complex answer. Join three speakers in the adults-only venue to learn more about this little-discussed topic. FREE, 7pm

Friday 23 September
SCIENCE: The Natural History Museum puts in another late night, staying open till 11pm as part of a European-wide science festival. The Science Uncovered evening includes many events for all the family. FREE, from 4pm

RESEARCH: Queen Mary University of London is also joining in with the Europe-wide extravaganza, putting on a Researchers' Night where the general public can mingle with scientists to learn about their work. Lectures and demonstrations abound, including a Cafe Scientifique, the beauty of the microscopic world and the history of the universe in LEGO blocks. Please do go and look through the full programme, as it sounds superb. FREE, from 3pm

Saturday 24 September
SCI-FI: The regular get-together of the London Science Fiction and Fantasy Meetup Group takes place at the Mad Hatter in Southwark. Includes a viewing of tonight's Doctor Who. FREE, 5pm onwards

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