Tally Ho! Boris Sallies Forth

By BethPH Last edited 86 months ago
Tally Ho! Boris Sallies Forth

Boris Johnson donned his cape again last night and came to the aid of an injured cyclist who had been knocked off his bike.

The mayor seems to be making a speciality of rushing to the rescue. In 2009 he saw off some ‘feral (we’re getting tired of that word already) oiks’ who had cornered a pedestrian then earlier this year he assisted a shopper who fell off her bike during a Westfield photo shoot.

But he’s also come a cropper by falling into a river, nearly getting run over by a lorry and narrowly avoiding a falling glass tile at the Westfield Stratford opening this morning, prompting us to wonder if it’s actually Boris himself who needs rescuing.

Last Updated 13 September 2011