Talking Bins Tackle Littering

By BethPH Last edited 79 months ago
Talking Bins Tackle Littering

Disposing of rubbish responsibly could net us a celebrity thank-you from October. 25 talking bins are to be installed in central London as part of the Bin Thinking project from Keep Britain Tidy and arts organisation Sing London.

A variety of slebs have lent their voices to the campaign, including Michael Palin who will amend his famous Monty Python catchphrase to 'Nobody expects the Spanish binquisition'. Litter is one of London's least-attractive features and also cropped up in our recent London Annoyances Top 10. The campaign's organisers hope that the talking bins will encourage us to keep our streets cleaner.

The responses will vary according to the location of the bin – Covent Garden's will sing opera to the disposee – but what songs would we like to see for specific areas?

Last Updated 26 September 2011

Pep Talk

What bins? All I ever notice is a distinct lack of bins or bins being removed. (Try finding a bin anywhere near Liverpool Street Station. Two bins have just been removed on my street in Dalston.)
I have come to realise that littering is actually  encouraged in London, to be picked up by mobile street cleaners, as I see a lot more of them than actual bins.I have always been very litter conscious but lately I have become increasingly frustrated by the fact that I sometimes have to carry litter around with me on big journeys all around the city.
Every act of littering is an act of protest against this ridiculous bin removing policy.