Preview: MSF Delivers, A Free 3D Film Exhibition @ Spitalfields

By Zoe Craig Last edited 88 months ago
Preview: MSF Delivers, A Free 3D Film Exhibition @ Spitalfields

British midwife Sam and her team delivered 3451 babies last year, more than the Royal Free Hospital in London.

Sam works at the Médecins Sans Frontières-supported Masisi hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a part of the world mired in war.

Most Congolese women give birth at home, so the mums and babies Sam treats in hospital are almost all high risk. Without her help, many of these women and their babies would have died.

From Thursday this week, you can get a unique insight into Sam’s world, at a new, free exhibition at Spitalfields market. MSF Delivers is a 3D film of images taken in the North Kivu area of DRC earlier this year, alongside documentary audio.

Polly Markandya, Head of Communications at MSF, says, “MSF has a long and illustrious history of strong photography but we've never seen or done anything as awesome as these 3D images. They bring to life a world most British people only ever see on the news or in television appeals. And they show the positive side – the lives that are saved, the realities of a functioning maternity unit in a remote area where new lives begin every day.”

The free MSF exhibition is in Market Street in Spitalfields. It's open from 10am to 6pm, from 22 to 27 September.Visit to find out more.

Photographs by Yasuyoshi Chiba

Last Updated 19 September 2011