Nerdy Day Trips: London Venues For People With Curious Minds

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Last Updated 29 September 2011

Nerdy Day Trips: London Venues For People With Curious Minds

Those who enjoy our Week in Geek listings will also approve of Nerdy Day Trips. The site offers thousands of ideas for intellectual outings in countries all over the world, from museums and galleries to military installations and ancient excavations. You won't find the London Dungeon here.

Given our country's rich history of science and innovation, it's unsurprising to find that the UK is the most densely packed country on the planet for nerdy day trips. (That, and the fact that it's put together by Londoners Ben Goldacre – yes, that one – and Jo Brodie, with development work by Applecado.)

The capital is particularly blessed, with something like 100 locations to investigate (sorry, we're not nerdy enough to count them all). As well as all the obvious places, you'll also find lesser-known geek peaks as the cannon that marks the first ordnance survey, the Sewing Machine Museum, and Croydon Airport. If you've already thoroughly scoured London for such places, there are hundreds more destinations in the home counties and beyond. You can even add your own points of interest if you spot any omissions.

Truly, the geeks shall inherit the Earth, one map pin at a time.