Paralympic Sport Lowdown: Boccia & Goalball

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Paralympic Sport Lowdown: Boccia & Goalball

A year today the Paralympics throw their opening ceremony and Channel 4 embark on unprecedented coverage of the Games. Hopefully, you'll have scored some tasty tickets for the fortnight of incredible sporting action. To celebrate, we're giving you the lowdown on two Paralympic sports: Goalball and Boccia

Goalball was invented as sport and rehabilitation for WWII blind veterans in Europe. The game was introduced to the world in 1976 at the Paralympic Games in Toronto. Its a fast paced game whose players rely on "bat-like ears and cat-like reflexes". Watch this brilliant 60 second introduction to Goalball courtesy of Channel 4:

Great Britain's women's team is the current European champion and eyeing up those Olympic medals.

Like it? You'll have to keep a lid on your excitement during play - silence in court is paramount! Goalball will be played in the Handball Arena on the Olympic Park between Thursday 30 August – Friday 7 September 2012. Add it to the shopping list.

Find a local club and get more information from Goalball UK.

Boccia is a game for athletes with disabilities that affect their motor skills and is similar to bowls or petanque. Competitors throw their balls or launch them via a ramp aiming to get them as close as possible to the jack. You can try it out, arcade style here.

Like all true Olympic sports, this one is thought to have originated in Ancient Greece. It was introduced to the Paralympics in the 1984 New York City Games. There are individual, paired and team events in 4 different classes. All athletes have impairment in all four limbs and play from a wheelchair. Check it out in 60 seconds:

Portugal, South Korea and Brazil are handy with the Boccia balls but so is the British squad. Find out more at GB Boccia. PS pronounce it 'botcha'.

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Use the interactive Paralympic schedule to help you plan your bid for tickets. Channel 4 have produced a list of the best family friendly Paralympic tickets to bid for.

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