Londonist: Find Us On Facebook, Twitter, iTunes...

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Londonist: Find Us On Facebook, Twitter, iTunes...

When people ask us what Londonist is, the simplest answer is to say that we're a web site about London.

But that's not quite good enough. Our tentacles slither through all kinds of souffles. Like many sites, we're on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and others. We also have a podcast, and occasionally appear in print. So here's a handy crib sheet of other places you can find us, should you be inclined.

Our fortnightly (soon to be weekly) podcast Londonist Out Loud covers London news, views, events and opinions. The show pulls in different studio guests each week to dissect recent London news and views. Regular slots include a 3-minute history, interview with an important Londoner and an events roundup. The show is presented and produced by N Quentin Woolf. Subscribe via iTunes, RSS or listen in browser.

Join nearly 9,000 other Londoners on our Facebook page. We tend to post quirky questions and unusual photos rather than simply regurgitating stuff from Pop on over, have a look, and tell us whether you've ever been sick on the Tube.

As well as tweeting out new Londonist content, we also retweet other important London stuff. 36,000 followers and counting! Follow here.

Flickr photos
We're enormously grateful to the 4,300 people who've contributed almost 150,000 photos of London to our Flickr pool. Add your shots to the pool, and we might show them off on the main site (with link and credit).

Whenever we visit a bar, restaurant, museum or other venue, we check in on Foursquare and leave a Londonist tip about the place. Then, if you friend us (like 2,500 others) you'll see our recommendation when you check in nearby. It's a little bit silly, but tremendous fun.

Londonist can often be found hanging out in the pages of Snipe magazine, available in some good bars, venues and restaurants.

We store all our original video footage on Vimeo. We're not really making the most use of it, if we're being honest, but there are a few good clips in the archive.

The main site is also available via the Londonist Daily email alert (see the very bottom right of the page), or through RSS.

Do let us know if you've got any comments about any of these channels. Our goal is to tell the ongoing story of London as best we can, and we're always delighted to get feedback.

Last Updated 01 August 2011